2008 AquaTrax F-15X and AquaTrax F-15X with GPScape

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2008 AquaTrax F-15X andAquaTrax F-15X with GPScape Honda entered the personal watercraft (PWC) market in 2002 with a huge splash. At a time when other PWC manufacturers struggled to lower emissions from their two-stroke engines, Honda introduced the world’s first low-emission, four-stroke powered PWCs: the AquaTrax F-12 and the turbocharged AquaTrax F-12X. One year later, the two-person AquaTrax R-12 and turbocharged AquaTrax R-12X were unveiled. Tuned-in to the desires of PWC customers and with an eye fixed on the PWC performance horizon, Honda has reshaped the market again. The 2008 Honda AquaTrax F-15X and AquaTrax F-15X with GPScape are all-new with more power, better acceleration, a plusher ride and the predictability and low emissions customers expect from Honda PWCs. The F-15X series engine is a lightweight, liquid-cooled DOHC 16-valve engine that displaces 1470cc and, with fuel injection and turbocharging, produces 197.3 bhp while meeting CARB three-star and EPA emissions standards. The newfound power allowed engineers to design the jet pump and hull to deliver scintillating acceleration and excellent ride quality without sacrificing the handling.

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