2009 Mazda B-Series Truck Smart Start Guides

Refer to the Smart Start Guide during presentation. transmission . This easy-to-use Smart Start Guide is intended to help you more fully appreciate … High beams on engine Coolant temperature Charging system Cruise Control Check Fuel Cap Low Fuel tire.

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2009 mazda B-Series Truck
Driving without overdrive provides a lower gear for city traffic where continuous shifting in and out of overdrive occurs, hilly terrain, heavy loads, trailer towing and when engine braking is required. Feature Highlights 10 overdrive off 162133_09a_Mazda_b-series_073008c.indd 12 7/30/08 11:05:13 PM 11 Using the electronic shift 4wD system 2H (2WD High) Use this position for street and highway driving. 4H (4WD High) Use this position for extra traction, such as on snow or icy roads or off-road situations. Not intended for use on dry pavement. 4L (4WD Low) Use this position for extra gearing to provide maximum power to all four wheels. Intended only for off-road applications, such as deep sand, steep grades or pulling heavy objects. 4L (4WD Low) will not engage while the vehicle is moving; this is normal and should be no reason for concern. Refer to the Owner’s Manual for further information. FoUr-wHeeL DrIVe (4wD) 162133_09a_Mazda_b-series_073008c.indd 13 7/30/08 11:05:19 PM The AUX, or auxiliary jack, will allow you to play your MP3 player through the vehicle’s audio system. 1 Plug your MP3 player into the AUX jack and turn it on. 2 Turn the vehicle audio system on. 3 Press AUX on the vehicle radio repeatedly until LINE IN appears in the display. You should hear audio from your portable music player although it may be low. 

Download 2009 Mazda B-Series Truck Smart Start Guides pdf from www.mazdausa.com, 22 pages, 3234.67KB.
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