6113 JEEP T&C broch D12

1. JEEP ASSIST. Jeep Assist is a dedicated Roadside Assistance program. which will provide 24 hour roadside assistance. Jeep Assist …

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6113 JEEP T&C broch D12
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1. JEEP ASSIST Jeep Assist is a dedicated Roadside Assistance program which will provide 24 hour roadside assistance. Jeep Assist may provide emergency accommodation, a replacement vehicle and towing as well as legal, medical and household emergency assistance. Please read this booklet for detailed information on what to do when you require assistance, as well as an explanation of the benefits and conditions provided with this program. Jeep Assist is available to the owner for the duration of the manufacturer’s warranty period. Owners can continue to enjoy the benefits of Jeep Assist after the warranty period by purchasing annual coverage. WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU NEED ASSISTANCE Should you require assistance simply call the Jeep Assist toll free number: 1800 102 277, which is also printed on your membership card Be sure to have the following information available for the customer service assistant when you call: • Your name and breakdown location (also the nearest cross street if possible). • Your Jeep Assist Membership Number and expiry date. • Your vehicle registration number. • A description of the problem and your opinion as to whether you consider towing of your vehicle is necessary. • If possible, a telephone number on which you can be contacted. From these details your Jeep Assist Operator will be able to arrange the necessary assistance, which may include: • Roadside assistance. • Recovery and transportation of your vehicle to the nearest Jeep Dealer or approved repair facility. • Onward travel arrangements. • Hotel accommodation. • Provision of temporary replacement vehicle (rental vehicle). • Urgent message relay service, business plans rearranged, etc. Please do not make your own vehicle assistance/recovery arrangements through a third party, as Jeep Assist may not be able to reimburse any cost incurred.
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The conditions below are governed by DaimlerChrysler Australia / Pacific Pty Ltd, Jeep Vehicle Division warranty policies and therefore may be at the owner’s expense. Problem Lost or locked in keys (legal ownership of the vehicle must be established) Flat Battery Out of Fuel Flat Tyre Miscellaneous minor repairs /adjustments that immobilise your vehicle Jeep Assist Action If you lose your keys or lock them in your vehicle Jeep Assist will either, retrieve a spare key from your home; cut a new key or gain access to

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