Adobe Illustrator User Guide

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Adobe Illustrator User Guide
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1 List of topics Menu commands Toolbar Index How to use this guide
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2 Viewing and setting up documents Moving and aligning objects List of topics
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32 Viewing and Setting Up Documents Viewing modes Previewing and printing patterns and placed EPS images Moving the view of a document Magnifying and reducing the view Creating custom views Displaying multiple views of a document Using rulers About the work area Changing the artboard size Aligning the artboard with the printed page Choosing tiling options Moving the page boundaries Setting up standard and custom pages
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33 Viewing modes You have three views in which to display your artwork on-screen: Preview view (the default), Artwork view, and Preview Selection view. Preview view Preview Selection view Artwork view
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34 To change the view: Choose one of the following options: • Choose View > Preview to view the artwork as it will be printed, filled with as many colors and as much shading and detail as your monitor is capable of displaying. Preview view is the default view when you open a new document, and the most used view because it best indicates what the finished artwork will look like. • Choose View > Artwork to view objects in the artwork as wireframe outlines, hiding the paint attributes of the objects. Working in this view can speed up the display when you are editing complex artwork (such as objects containing gradients or patterns) that requires a long time to redraw on-screen. Artwork view can also make editing easier, because in this view

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