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the movie, see “PageMaker tutorial movies” in the Introduction to this book. … “PageMaker tutorial movies” in the. Introduction to this book. Changing the …

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Adobe PageMaker 6.5 Classroom in a Book Lesson 5 Cycling guidebook In this eight-page guidebook to the Tour de France, one of the world’s great cycling events, you get a chance to go beyond the basics of using PageMaker. As you assemble and change this dramatic and playful piece, you will learn the power of PageMaker’s automatic layout adjustment options, see how multiple master pages and paragraph styles can streamline the production of a publication, and become adept at manipulating text blocks and frames.
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53 Tuesday, April 22, 1997 10:10 AM LESSON 5 154 Cycling guidebook To create this guidebook, you begin by opening an Adobe PageMaker publication that has been partially completed. First you will nish the cover, then resize the page and margins to see how PageMaker can auto-matically adjust the layout for you. Next, you will edit the other master pages to match the Document Master. Then you will revise the paragraph styles and refine the layout on several spreads. This project covers: Creating a polygon frame Placing text or graphics within frames Converting an existing rectangle into a frame Editing styles Basing one style on an existing style Using the Bullets and Numbers plug-in Using the Drop Cap plug-in Using the adjust layout options when changing page size, margins, and master pages Editing and applying master pages At the end of this lesson, you’ll have an eight-page, six-color booklet. It should take you about 2 hours to complete this project. Before you begin 1 Before launching PageMaker, return all settings to their defaults by deleting the PageMaker 6.5 preferences le. See Restoring default settings in Lesson 1. 2 In addition to the commonly used fonts listed in the Introduction, make sure that the following fonts are installed: AGaramond, Minion, Minion Display, Minion Bold, MyriaMM_400 RG 600 NO, MyriaMM_700 BD 600 NO, MyriaMM_830 BL 600 NO, Zapf Dingbats. For this lesson, you need the French hyphenation and spelling dictionary. 3 If you did not install the French dictionary when you installed PageMaker, drag the Franchais folder from the 05Project folder into either pm65\rsrc\linguist\prx (Win-dows) or Adobe PageMaker 6.5:RSRC: Lin-guist:Proximity (Macintosh). 4 Start PageMaker, and then open the 05Final.p65 file in the 05Project folder.
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54 Tuesday, April 22, 1997 10:10 AM 155 This publication is an eight-page booklet containing photographs, maps, and text. The text was entered and formatted in a word-processing application, and then placed into the Adobe PageMaker document. 5 If the publication window does not ll the screen, click the Maximize button in the title bar to expand the window. 6 Leave this le open so you can use it as a visual reference during the lesson. Click the page icons in the bottom left corner to examine each spread in the document. Zoom in where you want to take a closer look. Setting up the document Start by opening a document that has been partially completed for you. 1 Choose File > Open, and then open 05Begin.t65 in the 05Project folder. Since the focus of this project is automatic layout adjustment and working with para-graph styles, much of the placing and posi-tioning of text and graphic elements has been done for you. Some colors, styles, and master pages have already been defined in the Colors, Styles, and Master Pages pal-ettes as well. This booklet starts out as an eight-page doc-ument, 6 inches by 9 inches in size. Once you nish the cover, you will change its page size and margins to see how PageMaker can automatically adjust a publication for you. 2 If the publication window does not ll the screen, click the Maximize button in the title bar to expand the window. 3 Choose File > Preferences > General. Choose Picas for both Measurements In and Vertical Ruler. In order to speed up screen redraw, keep Standard selected for Graphics display. Leave all other settings at their default values as well. Click OK. The three palettes you’ll use most often in creating this booklet are the Styles, Col- ors and Master Pages palettes. You can com- bine the three, and leave more room to view your page. 4 Choose Window > Show Master Pages. Drag the Master Pages tab to the Colors and Styles palette, and then click the Close box of the Layers palette.
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55 Tuesday, April 22, 1997 10:10 AM LESSON 5 156 Cycling guidebook 5 Choose File > Save As, type 05Work.p65 for the name, and save the publication in the 05Project folder. Time out for a movie Play the movie called This movie shows you how you can use multiple master pages to streamline the production of a publication. For information on playing the movie, see PageMaker tutorial movies in the Introduction to this book. Finishing the cover The cover of the booklet is complete except for a photographic image, which you’ll place in a polygon frame. Creating the polygon frame You’ll rst create the polygon frame on the cover and set the frame options. 1 Drag the Control palette over the paste- board just right of the page so you can view the entire page. Yo

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