Advanced Adobe Illustrator CS3 Training

Each student will receive a copy of Adobe Illustrator CS3 Classroom in a Book by the Adobe Creative Team,. which will serve as a guide for the class. …

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Advanced Adobe Illustrator CS3 Training
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Advanced Adobe Illustrator CS3 Training Course length: 2 Days Course Web Page: Class Overview In this Adobe Illustrator training course, students will learn advanced features of Illustrator that will help them work more efficiently and effectively. Class Goals • Learn to apply effects, appearance attributes, and graphic styles • Learn to work with symbols • Learn to combine Illustrator graphics with other CS3 tools • Learn to produce color separations for printing Class Prerequisites • Experience with the basics of Illustrator as taught in Webucator’s Introduction to Illustrator CS3 Training course. Class Outline I. Review of Working with Layers in Illustrator CS3 I.A. Creating layers I.B. Locking layers I.C. Viewing layers I.D. Pasting layers I.E. Creating clipping masks I.F. Merging layers I.G. Applying appearance attributes to layers II. Blending Shapes and Colors in Illustrator CS3 II.A. Creating a gradient fill II.B. Adjusting the direction of the gradient blend II.C. Adding colors to a gradient II.D. Creating smooth-color blends II.E. Blending intermediate steps II.F. Modifying the blend II.G. Combining blends with gradients
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of 4 Toll-free: 877-WEBUCATE (877-932-8228) From outside the U.S.: 315-446-0560 Fax: 315-410-5320
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III. Working with Brushes in Illustrator CS3 III.A. Using Art brushes III.B. Using Scatter brushes III.C. Applying a Scatter brush to paths III.D. Changing the color attributes of brushes III.E. Using a fill color with brushes III.F. Using Calligraphic brushes III.G. Using Pattern brushes III.H. Creating brushes III.I. Applying the Scribble Effect IV. Applying Effects in Illustrator CS3 IV.A. Creating a banner logo with the Warp effect IV.B. Creating the 3D cylinder IV.C. Using the 3D Extrude effect V. Applying Appearance Attributes and Graphic Styles in Illustrator CS3 V.A. Document Startup Profiles

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