ASP-Flash 5 Tutorial

ASP Tutorial. Application Handling. Part I: 3/15/02. Agenda. Managing User Sessions and Applications. Section I. Groundwork for Web applications …

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Flash 5 Tutorial
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ASP Tutorial Application Handling Part I: 3/15/02 Agenda Managing User Sessions and Applications Section I Groundwork for Web applications Topics: Asp objects, IIS, global.asa Section II Application Objects Topics: Methods & Events, Contents, Static Objects Section III Sessions Objects Topics: Methods, Events, Properties, Contents, Static Objects, Session Problems Section IV Cookies Topics: Example, Usage Appendix A Example global.asa file
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Section I Groundwork for Web Applications Objects in ASP 3.0 7 built-in objects Covered already Covered today Others Request Application ASPError Response Session ObjectContext Server Internet Information Server (IIS) IIS or Internet Server Manager (ISM) IIS 5 my machine Option pack 4 – IIS 4 ltl6 ISM 3 ltl22, ltl10 Defining a Web application is IIS – all ASP, JSP, XML, HTML… pages that reside under a virtual directory (subfolders included) & set application properties What’s a virtual directory? What’s an alias? What’s a virtual server? Note: multiple virtual servers are only available with the Server version of II5 Uniquely identified by one of (IP, TCP port number, Host header name) http://ltl6, http://ltl6:7200, http://ltl6:25803 What’s a Web Site What’s the difference? What are the benefits of a virtual server? global.asa (see Appendix A) Must go in the root folder of your web application Only one global.asa file per application. Application_OnStart Application_OnEnd Session_OnStart Session_OnEnd Declaring Objects:  or 
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Section II Applications Objects Methods: Application.Contents.Remove Application.Contents.RemoveAll Application.Lock Application.Unlock Events: Application_OnEnd Application_OnStart HTTP by nature is a client driven protocol. A stateless environment All users share one application object. (Application-Scope Variable) Application(“Name”) = “VISCApps” Application(“Name”)

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