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AutoCAD 2D Tutorial – 5 – 1.2 Text and Graphics Screens … AutoCAD 2D Tutorial – 6 – 1.3 Cursor. Controls the size of the crosshair. …

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Chapter 1 Introduction to AutoCAD AutoCAD 2D Tutorial – 2 – Chapter 1 Introduction to AutoCAD AutoCAD 2D Tutorial – 3 – Browsing the AutoCAD Interface When you first launch AutoCAD, you will see the main body of the screen, known as the Graphics Screen. This is where a drawing will be displayed and edited. The rest of the AutoCAD interface is how you access and enter AutoCAD commands and change settings in the AutoCAD drawing. AutoCAD 2D Tutorial – 4 – 1.1 Launching AutoCAD 1. Choose Start from the Windows program manager. 2. Choose Programs, Autodesk ,AutoCAD 2004. 3. Click the AutoCAD 2004 for Windows icon. or 4. Choose the AutoCAD 2004 icon from the desktop. AutoCAD 2D Tutorial – 5 – 1.2 Text and Graphics Screens The graphics screen and the text screen are two different screens available in the drawing editor. 1. Press Function key F2 on the keyboard. TIPS: Be sure the Model Tab is highlighted at the bottom of the drawing window. Layouts will be covered in a later session. The Cursor must be in the drawing window in order to select objects. Maximize the AutoCAD windows to be full screen. This will make the drawings bigger and easier to read. Use ALT + TAB to move between Windows applications. AutoCAD 2D Tutorial – 6 – 1.3 Cursor Controls the size of the crosshair. The allowable range is from 1 to 100 percent of the total screen. At 100% the ends of the crosshair are never visible. When the size is decreased to 99% or below, the crosshairs have a finite size, and the crosshairs ends are visible when moved to the edge of the graphics area. The default size is 5%. 1. Choose Tools, Options 2. Click the Display TAB. 3. Drag the slider bar in the lower left corner of the dialog to set the cursor size. 1.4 Canceling a Command 1. Press the ESCAPE (ESC) key on the keyboard. TIP: Pressing ESC twice clears nested commands. AutoCAD 2D Tutorial – 7 – 1.5 Menus and Colors Pulldown Menus 1. Click On the desired Pulldown menu. 2. Click On the command to be executed from the pulldown. Cascading Pulldown Menus 1. Click On a command that has a cascading menu (menus with an arrow to the right of the menu) 2. Click On the command to be executed. CascadingPulldown AutoCAD 2D Tutorial – 8 – 1.6 Toolbars Toolbars can be docked on the screen or they can float about the screen. To Float a Toolbar: 1. Choose the gray border surrounding each tool. 2. Drag the toolbar to any area on the screen. To Dock a Toolbar: 1. Choose the title or gray border of the toolbar. 2. Drag the toolbar to the top, bottom, left, or right area of the graphics display. TIPS: -Holding the CTRL key while dragging will prevent docking. -Toolbars are often a faster way of accessing a command. -Clicking on an icon with the right mouse button will show a list of all available toolbars. Docked Toolbars Floating Toolbars AutoCAD 2D Tutorial – 9 – Help Tooltips 1. Move The mouse to the toolbar but do not pick the button. Loading Toolbars 1. Choose View, Toolbar… or 2. Type TOOLBAR at the command prompt Command: TOOLBAR 3. Choose the desired toolbar to load. AutoCAD 2D Tutorial – 10 – 1.7 Filedia Some commands evoke dialog boxes which are typically used to enter information or change settings. The filedia command suppresses display of the file dialog boxes. 1. Type FILEDIA at the command prompt. Command: filedia 2. Enter new value for FILEDIA <1>: 0 0 Dialog boxes are not displayed. You can still request a file dialog box to appear by entering a tilde (~) in response to the command’s prompt. 1 Turns on dialog boxes. 0 Turns off dialog boxes. TIPS: -Menu choices that are followed by three dots (…) typically invoke a dialog box. For example View, Toolbars… calls a dialogue box. -To use the command line version of a dialog box command,enter minus (-) in front of the command. AutoCAD 2D Tutorial – 11 -

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