BA-757X-XX Baron Tachometer Harley Davidson Installation …

May 2, 2008 … Harley Service Manual. Wire Crimper/Pliers. 24 of 20ga. wire …. 2008 Harley Davidson Installation Instructions. CAUTION! …

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BA-757X-XX – Baron Tachometer Harley Davidson Installation Instructions
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BA-757X-XX – Baron Tachometer Harley Davidson Installation Instructions 311 Industrial Way #1 ? Fallbrook, CA 92028 ? (760) 731-1200 – Ph. ? (760) 731-1284 – Fax ? ? Revision 8.1 (5/02/08) INCLUDED IN THE KIT: (1) Chrome Billet Baron Tachometer (1) 3-wire Tachometer Adapter (1) Electrical Hardware Kit (1) Packard pin from your local Harley ® Shop (not included) Only needed on 04-07 model install. Use wire terminal (P/N 72309-04) or (P/N 72527-01) TOOLS REQUIRED: Harley Service Manual Wire Crimper/Pliers 24” of 20ga. wire 5/32” Allen Wrench (Tighten Tach) Pliers (Std. & Needle-nose) 1980-2003 INSTRUCTIONS (ALL MODELS): 1. Mount new Baron Tach on handlebar in your preferred position. Ideal location is between handlebar risers. If mounted off-center, you can rotate tach face back to vertical (or any position you desire) by first loosening tach unit’s set screw (found either in handlebar area of housing or underside of housing, depending on tach style), then unscrewing tach housing’s bezel, rotating the tach internals, re-installing the bezel and retightening the set screw. 2. Secure handlebar clamp by first tightening the rear, flat side of clamp all the way down, and then tighten the tapered front side of clamp until tach does not rotate. There should be a small gap on the pointed side and no gap on the flat side when the clamp is correctly tightened. 3. Route tach’s wire harness lead under dash for simplest and cleanest installation. 4. Make your wire connections as follows: a. Locate the pink wire under the speedo (sometimes has a plastic bullet end on it). Cut the plastic off and splice the pink wire with the green wire from the tachometer. d equipped). b. Find the orange wire and attach the tach power wires to it (usually blue & red from tach or re from tach and red from LED controller box). c. Locate a suitable ground (usually a bare frame bolt) and attach the black wires from the tachometer and the LED controller box (if On some models the supplied wiring may need to be trimmed to fit the bike’s connectors. Use the ring terminal for all chassis ground connections. If you mount your tach high up on the handlebar, or have tall or pullback risers or wide handlebars, you may need to splice extra wire to each colored wire lead of your tachometer prior to completing the routing and connection, then trim to appropriate length. CAUTION! We Strongly recommend that a qualified Harley Technician install this kit if you do not understand the instructions completely before beginning the install. Our install guides provide a basic outline on the proper installation of our products. Further tuning and/or fitment may be required. Baron bears no responsibility on installation costs associated with this product. © 2008 Baron Custom Accessories
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BA-757X-XX – Baron Tachometer Harley Davidson Installation Instructions . e . d

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