him. As I have combed through articles,. biographies, photos, and thoughts of. Barack Obama, I realized why. Everyone. can connect with him on some level. …

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BARACK OBAMA America’s Leader? MANAGE YOUR MONEY: Economic Empowerment Interview with Emory’s First African-American Provost: Dr. Earl Lewis Black History Month and its origins FEBRUARY 2007
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On the cover: Presidency in the cards…, p. 15 Cover Stories: 10 Economic Empowerment Avoid Debt, Increase Your Bank 15 Barack Obama What can this senator offer the United States as its chief officer? 23 History-maker talks History Provost Dr. Earl Lewis 26 Black History How February became a month of heritage 4 Black Star 5 Letters from the Editors 6 Black Star Staff 8 News 10 Business 12 Submissions 13 Community Services 18 Arts & Entertainment 21 Sports 22 Academic Spotlight 24

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