Citroen Nemo Technical Specs

The SensoDrive offers the option of manual or automatic … Citroen towbars have been developed to ensure the highest standards of safety and strength. …

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EMO NEMO Citroen VANS THE SMALLEST BIGGEST VAN. BIG IDEAS, IMPRESSIVE DETAILS. A LARGE PAYLOAD, AN AFFORDABLE PRICE TAG. SAY HELLO TO NEMO. NEMO COMBINES THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS TO BRING YOU BIG BUSINESS BENEFITS. PLENTY OF POWER WITH LOW EMISSIONS. BUNDLES OF ROOM IN A COMPACT SPACE. BIG VAN TOUGHNESS WITH SMALL CAR AGILITY. Whether it’s scooting around the city or cruising up the motorway, lugging bricks or delivering a bunch of fl owers, Nemo injects plenty of pleasure into work.As the latest member of the award-winning Citroen van range, you know you can count on top-class reliability, economy and back-up too. NEMO THE SMALLEST BIGGEST VAN 2 CONTENTS: 2 THE SMALLEST BIGGEST VAN 4 LOADSPACE 6 CABIN FEATURES 8 ENVIRONMENTAL 9 SAFETY 10 RANGE OVERVIEW 11 OPTIONS 12 ACCESSORIES 13 COLOUR & TRIM OPTIONS 14 EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATION 15 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION 16 ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITMENT 17 CARE, FINANCE & INSURANCE 18 GLOSSARY 20 DIMENSIONS 21 TERMS & CONDITIONS 3 POCKET-SIZE GIANT. COMPACT ON THE OUTSIDE. SPACIOUS ON THE INSIDE. NEMO’s INTELLIGENT DESIGN MAKES REAL BUSINESS SENSE. NEMO IS A MASSIVE WORKHORSE WITH AN ANT-LIKE FOOTPRINT. ITS COMPACT DIMENSIONS MEAN THAT IT CAN SQUEEZE INTO THE MOST AWKWARD PARKING SPACES, MANOEUVRE THROUGH TIGHT URBAN STREETS AND NIP IN AND OUT OF MULTI-STOREY CAR PARKS WITH EASE. AND WHEN IT COMES TO INTERIOR SPACE, NEMO’s PROPORTIONS ARE IMPRESSIVELY GENEROUS. Please note: Mesh bulkhead shown is not available in the UK. 4 NEMO LOADSPACE COMPACT LOAD HAULER With a load length of 1.52 metres and an amazing loadspace capacity of 2.5m 3 , Nemo is also capable of carrying a whopping 610kg payload. And with a low load sill it can easily swallow all kinds of heavy cargo and secure loads with robust, built-in anchorage points. A LITTLE MODULARITY The optional EXTENSO passenger seat folds fully fl at giving you an extra 97cm load length to an exceptional 2.49m and increasesload volume to a massive 2.8m 3 . A LOT OF PRACTICALITY When it comes to loading and unloading in busy urban spaces, Nemo really makes life easy. The asymmetrical rear doors can open to 90 degrees, or for even more access 180 degrees. Optional twin sliding side doors give you access from other angles, so you can load and unload twice as fast,or even when there’s no room behind you. What’s more, with remote control central locking available as part of the Plus Pack, you can keepthe load compartment locked while you hop in and out, or lock the cabin while you unload. 5 BUSINESS CLASS. NEMO IS MUCH MORE THAN A VAN. WITH ADJUSTABLE SEATS, HANDY STORAGE COMPARTMENTS AND USEFUL FEATURES, IT’s A MOBILE EXTENSION OF YOUR OFFICE. WHEN YOU’RE OUT AND ABOUT, NEMO IS A COMFORTABLE PLACE TO WORK. ON LX MODELS THE DRIVER’s SEAT CAN BE ADJUSTED FOR HEIGHT AND LUMBAR SUPPORT AND ALSO COMES EQUIPPED WITH AN ARMREST. EVEN THE HEIGHT AND REACH STEERING WHEEL CAN BE CHANGED TO ACHIEVE THE OPTIMAL DRIVING POSITION. LITTLE CREATURE COMFORTS Every element of the cabin has been designed with business travel in mind, from the high gear stick to the coffee cup holders and a nifty compartment on top of the dashboard to hold smaller items like your wallet and keys. You can also have a flip-up A5 clipboard perfect for keeping paperwork at hand and a glove box that’s large enough to stow away your most valuable items even a laptop. 6 BIG CONNECTIONS Depending on the Nemo model you choose, the front fascia puts a host of innovative technology within reach like optional Bluetooth so you can make deals as you travel. Your phone conversations are broadcast through the MP3 compatible audio system, and there’s a microphone integrated in the cabin roof, leaving you free to talk and focus on driving. There’s even a 12 volt socket on the centre console for your mobile phone charger, so for professionals who spend more time behind the wheel than in the of ce, it really is the perfect workmate. NEMO CABIN FEATURES 7 FULL COMMITMENT. WHEN IT COMES TO PROTECTION, NEMO LOOKS AFTER YOU, YOUR CARGO AND THE PLANET WITH EQUAL ENTHUSIASM. THE NEWEST OF THE Citroen VAN RANGE, NEMO HAS AN IMPRESSIVE CV BOASTING A HOST OF STANDARD AND OPTIONAL SAFETY FEATURES, AS WELL AS Citroen’s RENOWNED CREDENTIALS FOR PRODUCING GREENER VEHICLES. NEMO ENVIRONMENTAL 8 GREAT STRENGTH With car-like roadholding and Anti-lock Bra

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