Ford Focus Hood Scoop Kit

1305-R03020121-AA. Page. 1 of 6. 1-800-59-ROUSH. Ford Mustang Qtr Window Louver. Installation Instructions. Application: 2005 Ford Mustang …

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Ford Focus Hood Scoop Kit
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1305-R03020121-AA Page 1 of 6 1-800-59-ROUSH Ford Mustang Qtr Window Louver Installation Instructions Application: 2005 – Ford Mustang Before installing your Roush Performance Product(s), read through the entire installation procedure and check to make sure all items are present. Packaging List for LH/RH Qtr Window Louver Kit # R03020124 Item Quantity Louver, Qtr Window LH (#R03020116) 1 Louver, Qtr Window RH (#R03020117) 1 Hardware Kit (#R03020119) 2 Bracket, Front Attachment 2 Bracket, Rear Attachment 1 U-Nut, 8-32 3 Screw, 8-32×1/4 3 PT1100 Tape, 12x25mm 1.1 mm thk. 2 PT1100 Tape, 25x30mm 1.1 mm thk. 2 PT1500 Tape, 12x25mm 1.5 mm thk. 5 Template, Bracket Locating RH (#R03020125) 1 Template, Bracket Locating LH (#R03020126) 1 Installation Instructions (#R03020121) 1 Screw, 8-32×1/4 Front Bracket Left Louver #R03020116 Right Louver #R03020117 Tape PT1100 12×25 1.1 mm thick x 2 PT1500 12×25 1.5 mm thick x 5 PT1100 25×30 1.1 mm thick x2 U-Nut Rear Bracket Template, Bracket Locating RH/LH #R03020125/#R03020126
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1305-R03020121-AA Page 2 of 6 1-800-59-ROUSH Equipment and Supplies Required 5/64in Hex Wrench Soft Cloth Rubbing Alcohol Roll of Masking Tape Torque Gage (N-m) Suggested Materials Dupont® 2319 Plastic Prep Dupont® 2330S or equivalent Adhesion Promoter (for paint) 3M 4298 Adhesion Promoter (for double-sided tape) LIMIT OF LIABILITY STATEMENT The information contained in this publication was accurate and in effect at the time the publication was approved for printing and is subject to change without notice or liability.

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