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GSA Student Government Accounting Handbook. Revised May 13, 2008 … GSA Student Government Accounting Handbook. Section 1.1: Flowchart of Req Processing …

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GSA Student Government Accounting Handbook 1 GSA Student Government Accounting Handbook Revised May 13, 2008 Introduction 0.1 What is SGA? 0.2 GSA Structure Section 1 1.1 Flowchart of Req Processing 1.2 Funding Guidelines Section 2 2.1 Spending Money! 2.2 Obtaining Requisition Forms 2.3 General Requisitions 2.4 Budget Transfers 2.5 Outside Funding Sources 2.6 Check Disbursements 2.7 Personal Reimbursement 2.8 Cash Advances 2.9 Honorariums 2.10 Purchase Orders 2.11 Stipends 2.12 New Hire Forms (UCOP) Section 3 3.1 Frequently Used UCLA Department Addresses 3.2 Frequently Used ASUCLA Departments Addresses 3.3 Publishers Section 4 4.1 Student Government Accounting Staff 4.2 Office Procedures and Schedule of Events 4.3 Account Numbers GSA Student Government Accounting Handbook 0.1 Introduction: What is SGA? Student Government Accounting is the office which handles all financial aspects of student government. For GSA, this includes Central Office expenditures, Melnitz Movies, Sustainable Resource Center, Graduate Interaction, Council expenditures, Discretionary Funding and Publications Funding. 2 This Graduate Students Association Handbook is intended for use as a reference manual. It contains some of the guiding documents of the Graduate Students Association as well as important policies and procedures. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the documents in this Handbook by reading it from beginning to end. You’ll find that by the time you complete reviewing this handbook, you will be able to complete a General Requisition (Req) without any problems. As for any other questions you might have regarding policies and procedures and/or guidelines, please refer to the Graduate Students Association President who is ultimately responsible to help all GSA officers and Program Directors. Student Government Accounting is located in Kerckhoff Hall Room 332. The GSA Central Office is located in Kerckhoff Hall Room 316. Below is a diagram illustrating the third floor of Kerckhoff Hall. 3 GSA Student Government Accounting Handbook 0.2 Introduction: GSA Structure 4 GSA Student Government Accounting Handbook Section 1.1: Flowchart of Req Processing 1) Your General Requisition (REQ) must include the complete name, address, zip code/mail code, and telephone number of the vendor or person to be paid/reimbursed. Also, include explicit instructions as to what is being purchased (an itemized list, event name, location, date and event time). 2) Your department officials have to approve the expenditure and sign the General Requisition. Breakdown for required signatures per departments is as follows: a. Central Office: 5 $0 – $100 One elected officer or the office manager $100 – $500 One elected officer $500 – $1000 Two elected officers Over $1000 Two elected officers & GSA cabinet vote b. Councils: Any dollar amount requires Two Council member’s signatures and the GSA Vice President Internal along with the date of the minutes that expenditure was approved. c. Other departments: Any dollar amount requires the appointed Director’s signature of the department or funding source 3) Submit the completed General Requisition to the GSA President, GSA Office Manager or the GSA Vice President Internal for approval. 4) The GSA Staff will deliver the approved General Requisition to the Student Government Accounting Office, (332 Kerckhoff Hall). 5) Student Government Accounting will verify that all transactions are valid and are within the GSA Codes, ASUCLA Guidelines, and the UCLA Activities Guidelines. Student Government Accounting will also seek the advice of your advisor when necessary. 6) Once your General Requisition has been accepted and processed by SGA, one of the following transactions will occur: a. The “REQ” can be used to make a purchase within ASUCLA (i.e., Student Media, The UCLA Store, ASUCLA Catering, ASUCLA Health Sciences Store, and Lu Valle Commons Students’ Store). 6 b. A Purchase Order (P.O.) will be typed (please allow two days for processing) for purchases from The UCLA Computer Store, UCLA Departments, or for Off-Campus Vendors (Outside Vendors). c. A Check will be typed for an Honorarium (for services rendered), Expense Advance, Reimbursement, or for payment of an invoice. Please feel free to call (310) 825-3662 or stop by Student Government Accounting for as

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