How to Make a Gambeson

How to Make. a Gambeson. Also known as: Aketon, Arming Coat, Bambikion, Haqueton, Jack or Jupon … The intention is to make sure that this high wear area is …

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How to Make a Gambeson
I suggest doing a few sketches to help determine what will best serve the wearer’s needs. – What is the wearer’s persona? This will affect color choice, quilting design and embellishment. This basic shape can easily be modified to include a collar, dags and other such period modifications. Keep in mind that this garment is, above all, intended to protect the wearer – do not let the appearance of the gambeson impede the functionality of the garment just a word of caution. – Is this for a new fighter or established fighter? A new fighter may wish to construct a quick version of the gambeson to save time & cost.

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