How to make Super CD+G disc

This instruction explains how to make your own Super CD+G disc from karaoke songs … To. make a Super CD+G disc for a commercial purpose of sales or …

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How to make Super CD+G disc
Refer to visual tutorial for how to download song using MCG Manager. 1.2. Create a new folder in your PC before downloading the songs. Assign this folder as Source from MCG Manager and start downloading songs. For this example, Songs folder has been created. 1.3 When song download is completed, create a new folder and assign it as Target from MCG Manager. For this example, SCDG folder has been created. 1.4 Press CheckAll(1) and press ENCODE(2). 1.4. Once Encoding is completed, the song files will be renamed, and juke.txt and english.inx will be created as shown below.

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