Image Editing with Photoshop

In Photoshop, open an image fi le to work on. … in the tutorial. 3. Select the arrow tool (Move. tool) from the tool bar on the left …

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When editing images that will be printed, it is important to know the image resolution. Minimum print resolution is 300dpi. Although many printers can print higher resolution images, the difference in quality is often negligible because of the paper quality that is commonly available. Check and adjust your image resolution by opening the Image Size window from the Image menu. History 1. Select History from the Win- dow menu. Notice that the last manipulation made to your image is shown in this window. By selecting that action (in this case, Image Size) and dragging it to the trash can on the lower right of that window, you can delete a previous action. The image that is visible is your Background. You may elect to copy it and work on a dupli- cate image to prevent mistakes.

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