Land Rover 90 and 110 Workshop Manual, Repair and Maintenance

Overhaul manual steering box – Overhaul steering column – Overhaul power steering box … Chassis dimensions. 110′ models. Kemoving door trim. ana. doors and …

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Untitled Section Number STEERING BRAKING S YSTE M CONTENTS Page – Overhaul manual steering box – Overhaul steering column – Overhaul power steering box -Bleeding power steering system -Test power steering system – Adjust power steering box – Overhaul power steering pump – engine vehicles – early models – Overhaul Adwest lightweight power steering box – Bleeding Adwest lightweight power steering box -Test Adwest lightweight power steering box – Adjust Adwest lightweight power steering box – Overhaul Gemmer power steering box -Power steering – fault diagnosis – Overhaul drop arm joint – Adjusting track rod and drag link joints Adwest early models SUSPENSION 1 3 8 16 16 18 18 20 30 31 32 43 44 46 – Overhaul front hub assembly – Overhaul stub axle, axle shaft constant velocity joint and swivel assembly 3 – Description -Overhaul front brake calipers – Overhaul rear brakes – 90 models – Overhaul rear brakes – 1 10 models – Overhaul transmission brake – Bleeding brakes – Overhaul master cylinder -Fault diagnosis I CHASSIS AND BODY 1 2 6 7 8 10 11 14 – Chassis dimensions – 90 models – Chassis dimensions – 110 models – Kemoving door trim – ana – doors and window mechanisms – 90 and 10 – Front doors and window mechanisms – 90 and 10 1 3 6 7 12 1 INTRODUCTION This Workshop Manual covers the Land Rover Ninety and One Ten range of vehicles. It is primarily designed to assist skilled technicians in the repair and maintenance of Land Rover vehicles. Using the appropriate service tools and carrying out the procedures as detailed will enable the operations to be completed within the time stated in the ‘Repair Operation The Manual has been produced in separate books; this allows information to be distributed throughout the specialist areas of the modern service facility. A table of contents in Book 1 lists the major components and systems together with section and book numbers. The cover of each book details sections contained within that book. The title page of each book carries the part numbers required to order replacement books, binders or complete Service Manuals. This can be done through the normal channels. REFERENCES References to the left- or right-hand side in the manual are made when viewing the vehicle from the rear. With the engine and gearbox assembly the water pump end of the engine is referred to as the front. To reduce repetition, operations covered in this manual do not to testing the vehicle aftcr is essential that work is inspected and tested aftcr completion and if necessary a road test of the vehicle is carried out particularly where safety items are concerned. DIMENSIONS The dimensions quoted are to design engineering specification. unit equivalents, shown in brackets the dimensions, have converted from the original specification. During the period of from new, certain adjustments may vary from the specification given in this Manual. These adjustments will be re-set by t h e Distributor or Dealer at the After Sales Service, and thereafter should bc maintained at the figures specified in the Manual. REPAIRS AND REPLACEMENTS When replacement parts are required it is essential that only Land Rover parts are used. is particularly drawn to the following points concerning repairs and the fitting of replacement parts and accessories: Safety features embodied in the vehicle may if other than Land Rover parts are fitted. In certain territories, legislation prohibits the fitting of parts not to the vehicle manufacturer’s specification. wrench figures given in the Repair Operation Manual must be strictly adhered to. Locking devices, where specified, must bc fitted. If the of a locking device is impaired during removal it must be renewed. Owners purchasing accessories travelling abroad should ensure that the accessory and its fitted location on the vehicle conform to mandatory requirem

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