Make Your Own Origami Crane

to make all creases very. sharp. Now unfold the paper. 2. Now fold the paper … base (at points x and y) to. make them stay in place. 26. Take the end of one of …

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 Make your own origami crane! Made possible through the Wild Birds Unlimited Pathways To Nature Conservation Fund. Make your own origami crane! Begin with a square piece of paper – ideally one side coloured and the other plain. Place the coloured side face up on the table. In all diagrams, the shaded part represents the coloured side. 1. Fold diagonally to form a triangle. Be sure the points line up. Use your thumbnail to make all creases very sharp. Now unfold the paper 2. Now fold the paper diagonally in the opposite direction, forming a new triangle. Unfold the paper and turn it over so the white side is up. The dotted lines in the diagram are creases you have already made. 3. Fold the paper in half to the right to form a tall rectangle. Unfold the paper. <

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