Mazda 626 2001 Quick Tips

Maintenance notes:Rotate tires every 3,750 miles A. Change: Engine oil/replace filter B. Inspect: Drive belts, fuel lines and hoses, idle speed, brake lines and hoses, disc and drum brakes, steering operation and linkages, front suspension ball joints, driveshaft dust boots, chassis and body bolts, exhaust system and heat shields Replace: Air filter, spark plugs (2.0L) C.

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2001 Quick Tips Mazda 626
Inspect: Engine valve clearance, hoses and tubes for emission system Replace: Spark plugs (2.5L) D. Inspect: Engine timing belt * Special operating conditions See Owner’s Manual This Quick Tips guide is provided by MazdaTown to make your Mazda ownership experience more convenient. It is not intended to replace your Owner’s Manual.Power window switches, see Switches 2. Power door locks, see Locks 3. Dual power mirrors, see Switches 4. Air vents 5. Turn signal/lighting control lever,see Driver Controls 6. Horn/Air bag 7. Wiper/washer control lever, see Driver Controls 8. Swing Press to activate/deactivatecenter air vent oscillation 9. Climate control panel, see Climate Controls 10. Audio system, see Audio System 11. Accessory socket*12. Gearshift lever (A/T)*, see Transmission 13. Parking brake lever, see Console/Trunk 14. Console, see Console/Trunk 15. Rear window defogger* Press on/off; shuts off withignition; also operates heatedside mirrors* 16. Hazard warning switchPress on/off 17. Cruise control, see Driver Controls 18.

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