Mazda RX-8 Reference Guide for Controls and Functions

2004 Mazda. Mazda RX-8. page 24. page 1. Driver Assurance 2003 Calcar, Quick Tips … check the Owner’s Manual for more operating information …

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Turn off engine Tip: Warming up engineimproves engine life Traction Control System (TCS)*/DynamicStability Control (DSC)* DSC light may occasionally flashwhile driving, this indicates that the DSC was performing acorrection to help maintain yourbest vehicle control, if DSC lightremains on, see your Mazda DealerIf DSC light remains on after disconnecting battery or jump-starting, you will need to performa Steering Angle Sensor calibrationprocedure, after battery power isrestored: Ignition ON; turn steeringwheel to full left lock position;then full right lock position; turnignition OFF, then ON Tips: Close rear door first, then front door; damage mayoccur otherwiseTo prevent alarm arming withpassenger inside vehicle, drivermust manually lock door bypressing lock knob RX-8 rotary engine precautions Check engine oil level when refuelingRotary engine design uses an oilinjection system in addition tolubrication of internal partsIt is important to maintain proper oil level Engine oil level warning light Indicates low engine oil if illuminated; pull over to a safelocation; turn engine off andcheck engine oil level whenengine is cool, add engine oil if necessary Instrument panel lighting With headlights on: To brighten/dim turn thumbwheelup/downMaximum illumination:Rotate thumbwheel upward until click is heard; instrumentcluster and information displayillumination color goes from red to whiteHeadlights/parking lights OFF:Instrument panel lighting defaultsto maximum brightnessHeadlights/parking lights ON:Illumination changes brightnesswith dimmer switch adjustment Rear doors For a rear occupant to exit with a front passenger:

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