Mitsubhisi The New Shogun

… to a Mitsubishi. The Shogun has now won … improved, five-speed manual transmission or the highly acclaimed … All new Mitsubishi Shogun vehicles come with a …

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TAKEADIFFERENTROAD Swiss 0845 0098267 SHOGUN THENEW IN THE HEAT OF THE RACE A LEGEND WAS BORN In 1982 Mitsubishi Motors Corporation launched a brand newtype of car: a four-wheel drive car which claimed to be toughenough to work off-road yet also boasted loads of passengercar-style sophistication. Within a few months this brand newvehicle had proved just how tough it really was by winningthe production class of what is generally acknowledged tobe the most mechanically demanding motorsport event ofthem all the notorious Dakar rally! In Britain they calledthis car the Shogun a legend had been conceived. Since this time the Shogun has dominated in the harshestof conditions, winning both the FIA World Cross CountryRally Championships and the Asia-Pacific Championships on numerous occasions. But it is the Dakar which capturesthe hearts and minds of public and competitors alike, forit pitches both man and machine in a punishingly-timedmarathon against one of the harshest environments on earth.And in the Dakar the Shogun is indisputably king. In 1992it created motorsport history with a 1-2-3 victory; fiveyears later it took the top four, then repeated the feat inthe following year! In 2002 no less than nine of the topten places went to a Mitsubishi. The Shogun has now wonthe Dakar for seven consecutive years, taking both first andsecond places in the new car in 2007. In total it has wonan inconceivable twelve times in 25 years of competing this is what legends are made of! 2 3 4×4 heritage and Dakar rally REAL WORLD BENEFITS FROM COMPETING You may not really care who wins the race but you benefit all thesame, for the Shogun’s phenomenal drivetrain, four-wheel independentsuspension and stability and traction control systems have all beenhoned in the extreme terrain and gruelling conditions of internationalcross-country rallying. Absolute reliability is something that can only be achieved through theaccumulation of know-how. Hiroyuki Tanaka, Project Manager, MMC Product Development Group EVOLVING THE ICON Welcome to this the fourth generation of one of the world’sfavourite, most successful and most enduring 4x4s. And itis the

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