Nissan X-Trail Electronic Brochure

NISSAN. X-TRAIL. ELECTRONIC BROCHURE. Created on 15 October 2008 05:19 (UK time) INTERIOR … 2.5 Petrol 6-speed manual (5-door. SUV) 21.7. 36.7. 29.4. 230 …

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INTERIOR Trunk with double floor X-TRAIL’s cavernous boot features a unique double floor with a sliding drawer, providinghidden storage. Fold the rear seats down and you have a full flat floor. Remove the doublefloor and you go from 479 to a whopping 1773 litres of space the most in its class. Andmore than enough to take on your biggest loads. High quality interior materials The X-TRAIL’s interior finishing details have been chosen to delight the senses. Fromchrome to leather, soft plastics to aluminium or titanium inserts, each touch produces astrong sense of contentment. And the visual effect is both surprising and harmonious. More storage space The more active your life, the more you seem to take with you. That’s why we’ve equippedthe X-TRAIL’s living space with so many innovative storage places, from the huge 15.7 litreglove box to multiple seatback pockets and a roof-mounted sun-glasses holder. There aremore than six places to hold your drinks, four of which can be cooled or heated. Climate controlled A/C front & rear X-TRAIL’s climate control A/C sets new standards in cabin ventilation. Simply select yourpreferred temperature and everyone feels refreshed and comfortable even in the back,thanks to dedicated ventilation outlets. EXTERIOR Genuine 4×4 design X-TRAIL’S strong styling reflects what it’s made for.Â

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