Parent’s Guide to Youth Wrestling

This guide is for you and for. any parent that wants to know more about the sport. … parent and child. This guide will get you started in the right direction. …

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This guide provides this information and more and is the first step toward maximizing the benefit your child may experience as they explore this new and exciting sport. AFTER YOU HAVE WRESTLED , EVERYTHING ELSE IN LIFE IS EASY , DANGABLE , OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL WINNER AND WRESTLING LEGEND Parent s Guide to Youth Wrestling ( 4 ) HOW DOES WRESTLING COMPARE WITH INTRODUCTION What is it about wrestling that makes it so different from other sports? It is a sport that is virtually non-existent in the sports media, practically never the topic of conversation among sports enthusiasts, and typically dismissed as something akin to the theatrical, so-called professional version of the sport. It s not that the sport is that rare or unusual. Of the more than 80 sports tracked by the NFHS (National Federation of High Schools), wrestling is the sixth most popular and consistently draws well over 200 thousand high school participants each school year. Wrestling is also alive and well at the collegiate, national, international and Olympic levels. 

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