Peugeot 407 / 407 SW

When you choose a Peugeot, you’re. buying more than an elegant piece … manual gearbox, or a 4-speed automatic, auto adaptive gearbox with “Porsche …

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A vehicle that is the verypersonification of the Peugeot spirit. This spirit, or essence, of our marque can be summed up in fourwords. Style, quality, dynamism andinnovation the values that everyPeugeot is created around. So what does that mean to you? Itmeans beauty. Stunning design, purePeugeot lines, the very quintessenceof aesthetics as seen by top Peugeotdesigners. Or roughly translated, a car that makes your heart beat faster every time you look at it. It means a car that you can trust.Every new Peugeot is built to thevery highest standards, ensuringtechnical excellence, superb handlingplus peace of mind, and is engineered to achieve optimumactive and passive safety. It also means passion. Our passion for creating cars with real poise andprecision, cars that communicate with the road and connect with you,lifting your spirits on every journey.Cars that reawaken your enthusiasmfor driving. And it goes without saying that itmeans intelligence. Innovative designs and features that answer your demands for better, safer, morecomfortable and environmentallyrespectful vehicles (we’ve reducedemissions from our engines and everynew car we build is 90% recyclable). These are the strands of PeugeotDNA that you’ll find running through every vehicle that bears our name today, and every car thatwe’ll build tomorrow just as thefour lines run through the pages of this brochure. Creating the perfect chemistry between you and your

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