Peugeot radio manual

Please read this manual thoroughly so that you will be able to enjoy its many … Please read this section of the Owner’s Manual very carefully and …

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Peugeot radio manual
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PEUGEOT Anti -Theft Radio Manual
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PROGRAMMED RADIO STATION FREQUENCIES FM AM 1. 1. 2. 2. 3. 3. 4. 4. 5. 5. The programmed station memory will be erased in the event that power to the radio is disconnected due to electrical system repairs or due to low battery voltage for more than approximately one week. Therefore, record the frequen- cies of your favorite stations IN PENCIL above, for reprogramming when power is restored. Seek tuning will not operate properly if the battery voltage is low. Should “Code” appear in the display, refer to Page 5 of this manual. 1
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DEAR PEUGEOT OWNER: You have now purchased one of the finest, most stylish, and most comfortable automobiles manufactured today. For your listening comfort, your Peugeot is equipped with a digital, electronically tuned, AM/FM stereo radio with an auto- reverse cassette, equipped with Dolby B* noise reduction. Control placement and operation have been carefully engineered to minimize the time your eyes are off the road, thereby contributing to active safety. For your protection, it also is equipped with an electronic “anti-theft coded” system. Please read this manual thoroughly so that you will be able to enjoy its many features to the utmost. PEUGEOT MOTORS OF AMERICA “Dolby H IS

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