Remote Control Car Starter Installation Manual for Models 20024, 20724 …

After having read the entire manual, start the installation … Cadillac Allante .VATS. Cadillac Brougham .VATS. Cadillac Catera 97+ .Transponder …

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Remote Control Car Starter Installation Manual for Models 20024, 20724, 20924 v3.1 S2428 Remote Control Car Starter Installation Manual for Models 20024, 20724, 20924 DesignTech International, Inc. 7955 Cameron Brown Court Springfield, Virginia 22153 USA 703-866-2000 or 800-337-4468 PLEASE READ COMPLETELY BEFORE BEGINNING Congratulations on your purchase of the AutoCommand Remote Car Starter. The AutoCommand Remote Car Starter system allows you to start the car by remote control from the comfort of your home or office in order to cool it down in the summer or heat it up in the winter. AutoCommand is for automatic transmission/fuel injected vehicles only. It is an extremely sophisticated system with multiple built-in safety and security features. AutoCommand Remote Car Starter: Will start your car by remote control, and run the heater, defroster, or air conditioner to warm up or cool down the car. Is designed to start the car if it is in park, and only if the hood is closed. Has Lock, Unlock and Trunk keyless entry features. Will attempt to start the car for up to six seconds, but no longer (to avoid damage to the starter motor). Should the car not start, or if itstalls after starting, the remote starter will make two further attemptsto start it. Has alarm functions including starter kill which becomes active when the doors are locked with the remote control. Will not let the car be driven without the key in the ignition. Shuts itself off automatically after 10 or 15 minutes (programmable) if you forget to come out to your car. Will shut off if the brake pedal is pushed, the hood is opened, or the transmission is shifted out of park – unless the key is in the ignition andin the run position. Allows you to remove the key while leaving the car running with the doors locked for up to 10 or 15 minutes utilizing the Quick Stop Op-tion. (See Separate User Tip Sheet) Starts the car automatically whenever the temperature drops below 0 F (-18 C), or if the battery voltage drops below 11 volts when the Cold Start Option is used. (See Separate User Tip Sheet) Has the Daily Start feature which allows the vehicle to be started at the same time the following day. (See Separate User Tip Sheet) Is quality engineered, microprocessor controlled, and made in the USA to provide many years of reliable use. Comes with a two year limited warranty. *For free vehicle-specific wire information consult our website Power Harness Control Harness ON/OFF Switch Jack GREEN In Gear Loop Color Function Circuit Type Required Orange Brake (+) Input Yes Purple Hood Switch () Input Yes Green Tach () Input No Red/White Alarm Input () Input No Red/Black Diesel (+/-) Input No Circuit Color Function Type Required Pink Power (+12V) Input Yes White Accessory Relay output Yes Yellow Starter Relay output Yes Blue Ignition 1 Relay output Yes Green Ignition 2 Relay output Consult Wiring Guide* Black Ground Input Yes CoaxAntennaJack Color Function Circuit Type Required W

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