SAP Master Data Management Extreme Make-Over

March 2005 SAP Knowledge Warehouse tutorial on SAP MDM. Press release on Royal Dutch Shell use of SAP MDM. July 2004 article on SAP acquisition of A2i …

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SAP Master Data Management —Extreme Make-Over“
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: (1) To attend our upcoming June webcast —Telecommunications M&A: Hang Over or Make Over?“ follow this link to hosts IBM and DWL registration page. (2) To participate in a survey dedicated to Oracle Customer Data Hub users, please visit this web page. You must first be vetted by requesting a subscription to the moderator of the —cdmsig“ Yahoo group as it is intended for Oracle CDH users only. NOTE ‰ If your Internet provider or business filters incoming e-mail, please add —“ to your list of approved senders to make sure that you receive the e- mail alerts and newsletters to which you’ve subscribed. SAP Master Data Management —Extreme Make-Over“ Subtitle: SAP MDM went under the architect‘s knife œ Is the outcome attractive to Global 2000 enterprises? Monday, May 23, 2005 COMING NEXT IN CDI ALERT: • Middleware Merger Mania (SYBS-Avaki; IBM-ASCL, et al) • Field Report: Systems Integrators for CDI • State-of-the-union re: Hierarchy Management via CDI • CDI ROI for Telco M&A • CDI ROI for Healthcare Payers • Field Report: Initiate Systems Identity Hub • State-of-the-union re: Federated Data Access • Best Practices: CDI in Pharmaceutical • Field Report: Siebel Universal Customer Management (Siebel UCM) (Note: If you have trouble accessing the hyperlinked articles, please go directly to CDI Alerts) This newsletter focuses on analysis of product strategies rather than the vendor press releases as has been rehashed ad nauseum in the press (links to such press provided below). We also provide the story behind the story that industry analysts such as Gartner/Meta and Forrester/Giga are unable to provide due to their internal editorial practices and retainer-based business relationships with the CDI vendors. And lastly, since our CDI Advisory Council has requested this, we devote space to data hub best practice strategies they must consider. The intent is to provide ongoing advice for enterprise data architects, CIOs, CTOs and CDI project leads in helping develop their CDI strategies œ independent, authoritative, and relevant analysis. • What is SAP MDM? • What are MDM 3.x‘s Strengths & Weaknesses? • What is SAP MDME? • What are MDM 5.5‘s Strengths & Weaknesses? • Long Term Outlook for SAP MDM • Bottom Line (Redux) • References • About the CDI Institute During last week‘s SAPPHIRE user week, SAP outlined its vision and debuted the latest incarnation of its master data management product family œ an —extreme makeover“ in our opinion. During 1H2005, we found SAP declining to provide references for customer master data hub applications using SAP MDM. Furthermore, SAP declined to participate in a number of major CDI evaluations citing —resource constraints“.
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In March/April 2005, SAP product managers made statements in public news groups regarding the then current release of SAP MDM (3.0) (and we quote below) • —SAP MDM 3.0 only be av

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