Sheer Driving Pleasure BMW X3

Standard seatswith manual seat adjustment ….. Steering column adjustment, manual with vertical and horizontal function …

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Sheer Driving Pleasure BMW X3
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Sheer Driving Pleasure BMW X3
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High style that always rises to the occasion.
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The power to reach your goals.
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Driven to set the pulse racing.
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Your space. Your style.
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This has gone in. Common Rail Technology The third-generation, electronically controlled common rail system generates injection pressure of up to 1,800 bar. So fuel injection is even more precise and finely measured. Thus reducing consumption as wel as exhaust emission levels, while boosting engine power. Lightweight construction Our engineers use aluminium where lighter materials are more expedient, for instance in the front section or for the suspension. The six-cylinder in-line petrol engine, for instance, is composed of aluminium and magnesium. Making these engines the lightest in their class. These weight savings lead to lower fuel consumption and better axle load distribution, for more agility, especially in bends. SomeBMWEf icientDynamicsfeaturesaredependentonvehicle equipmentandmaynotbeavailableforal vehicles.Yourauthorised BMWpartneroryourlocalbranchof icewil behappytoprovideyou withinformationaboutequipmentdetails. Tyres with reduced rolling-resistance While driving, tyres are constantly changing shape. This uses up energy and thus fuel. Tyres with reduced rol ing-resistance have an improved design and use special materials for their road treads and side walls, thus reducing deformation. Air vent control Engine management signals the engine’s current cooling capacity requirements constantly while driving, rendering a permanent airstream through the radiator unnecessary. The air vents in front of the radiator open or close depending on the environmental temperature and road speed. When shut they improve aerodynamics, shorten the engine’s warm-up time and so reduce fuel consumption. Valvetronic Valve lift control is fully variable in engines with Valvetronic. The result is improved cold start behaviour and smoother running, as wel as a significant drop in fuel consumption. The pleasure you get from driving a BMW is the result of fine engineering – always setting the benchmark because it is based on much more than engine power. This is the tradition behind BMW EfficientDynamics. It includes the visionary CleanEnergy hydrogen-powered engine, already used in a number of completely emission-free BMW 7 Series saloons. Also going into production soon is the BMW ActiveHybrid – an intel igent, demand-oriented combination of internal combustion engine and electric motor. And every BMW already includes a multi-awarded EfficientDynamics technology package as standard that boosts dynamics even further whilst simultaneously reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

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