Sportster/Buell Carburator Installation Instructions

for many applications. However, since many Harley-Davidson motors are highly modified, re-tuning may sometimes be. necessary. The Mikuni Tuning Manual helps …

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HSR Carburetor Sportster/Buell Installation Instructions Carb Kit: 42-10 ‘94 — present Sportster Carb Kit: 42-11 All Carbureted 1200 Buells Revised 01/23/02
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SB-1 Notes, Cautions and Warnings Statements in this manual preceded by these words are very important: Gives helpful information that can make a job easier. Indicates a possibility of damage to vehicle if instructions are not followed. Indicates a possibility of personal injury or vehicle damage if instructions are not followed. WARNING Read these instructions carefully before you begin instal- lation of your HSR kit. All procedures should be followed, paying particular attention to the following: 1. Mikuni HSR series carburetors require the use of a push/pull throttle assembly to assure closing of the throttle valve. 2. The throttle cables should be routed freely (without sharp bends) between the throttle twist grip and the carburetor and must not be pinched. 3. Gasoline is extremely flammable and is explosive under cer- tain conditions. Do not install your Mikuni near open flame. 4. Never look directly into the bore of the carburetor while the engine is running as injury may result from possible backfire. Disassembly: 1. Disconnect the battery ground wire from the battery. 2. Turn the fuel petcock to the “OFF” position. 3. Disconnect any vacuum hoses and the fuel hose from the stock carburetor. 4. Remove the fuel tank. 5. Remove the complete air cleaner assembly, including the backing plate. 6. Remove the stock carburetor together with the choke cable. 7. Sportster only: remove the V.O.E.S. from its normal location. Sportster/Buell Installation The HSR series carburetors are precise yet durable instruments; however, like any other piece of fine equipment, they require correct installation and reasonable care to assure optimum performance and long life. Extra time spent during installation will pay off in both short and long term performance and reliability. This Mikuni HSR carburetor kit is designed to be a bolt-on application, and as such, is set-up and jetted properly for many applications. However, since many Harley-Davidson motors are highly modified, re-tuning may sometimes be necessary. The Mikuni Tuning Manual helps make jetting alteration and adjustments an easy matter. NOTE: Carburetor Kits not designated as C.A.R.B. exempt, are not legal for motor vehicles operated on public highways in the state of California, or in any other states and countries where similar laws apply. Application:

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