Spotter Guide to Boeing Field / King County International Airport (BFI/KBFI)

Spotter Guide to. Boeing Field / King County International Airport (BFI/KBFI) … thanks to ;) ) Seeing as Boeing Field has. become a bit of a …

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Spotter Guide to Boeing Field / King County International Airport (BFI/KBFI) Spotter Guide to Spotter Guide to Boeing Field / King County International Airport (BFI/KBFI) Spotter Guide to Boeing Field / King County International Airport (BFI/KBFI) 125.90 / 290.90, 338.20126.50 / 391.90 Company frequencies 122.95 UNICOM 122.50 Flight Service Station 123.65 Flight Service Station 131.750 Aeroflight 131.00 Airborne Express/DHL Maintenance 131.025 Clay Lacy 122.950 Galvin Flying Service 129.025 Galvin Flying Service 129.425 UPS United Parcel Service Boeing test frequencies VHF 123.150 123.225 123.250 123.275 123.325 123.350 123.425 123.475 123.550 149.900 Frequencies Tower 118.30 Local East / RWY 13L/31R 120.60 Local West / RWY 13R/31L124.40 IFR non-jet departures126.55 IFR non-jet departures257.80 Tower121.90 Ground118.90 Clearance Delivery132.40 Clearance Delivery127.75 ATIS 154.34 Boeing Field Fire Dept 155.805 King County (Boeing Field Security) Approach control 119.20 / 284.70120.10 / 290.90120.40 / 269.13 125.60 / 273.45 UHF 227.800 239.900 252.200 266.400 287.200 291.800 292.100 299.950 315.000 341.600 349.600 361.500 363.350 384.500 397.100 HF 2851 3443 4050 5451 5775 6550 8822 10045 10250 11306 13312 15516 26635 29905 Spotter sites Boeing Field / King County International Airport is the home of Boeing and the Museum of Flight. The airport has two parallel runways – one for small aircraft and one long for the large Boeing aircraft. A Airport Business Park The parking lot gives good views across the field to where some of the business jets park. This site also gives good views for arriving and departing traffic landing from the South. For photography, afternoon hours are best. A pickup truck or a ladder is recommended, due to high fences. B Museum of Flight Excellent view from inside the Museum’s ‘Control Tower’. The parking lot also have good spotting opportunities. For photography, afternoon hours are best. C Boeing apron south This is where the new Boeing’s normallyturn into the parking area. Offers excellent view of taxing aircraft, but with somewhat restricted view of the runway. No parking available in this area (nearest is at the Boeing store), and photography is limited to through the fence. D North End Gives good view of final approach whentraffic arrives from the North. Somewhat limited photo opportunities for departing traffic. Other locations – BFI Airport Terminal: Espressobar and clear windows give OK view of the runway.- There are several parking lots on both sides of the field that offer good view of arriving and departing traffic.- If 31L is in use, morning traffic is best viewed along the fence by Airport Way. Photos: Andreas Mowinckel 2004 5 5 Des M oimes M emorial Dr E l Margina Way S Way E Marginal S rdy St a H S Perimeter Rd S n c S Boei g Ac ess RD Martin Luhr Kng Jr y S t e i Wa 509 99 Museum of Flight Pac iic Hw y S f g Pl WM ar inal S tS d n 2 0 1 S Michig n St a y e i l a B S S t S Myrtle St My t S r le Pl Military Rd S a S Gr ham St os o C r nA ve S S Willow St M artin Luther King Jr Way S R 13 S evA ht6 S evA ht41 R 13 31R 31 L 3048 x 61 mm 0 1131m x 3 m B A C D
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of 2 uncomfortable with having their photos taken. (If you catch my drift.) Area 31: If you know where this spot is… good for you. I am not telling you. Why? Because it’s private property. Granted, it’s a publicy accessible parking lot so it doesn’t involve dodging poison darts or rolling boulders to get to. Should you find this spot, here are “the rules.” We’d appreciate if you’d respect them. DOs: Have fun. A scanner and binoculars are recommended. DON’Ts: – A big-rig leasing company often parks their rigs here. DO NOT CLIMB ON THE TRAILERS OR TRUCKS. This alone is the bigg

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