Star Pistol Owner’s Manual

spring (83) below the barrel over the recoil spring guide (80). … The barrel bushing, recoil spring and its guide may now be pulled out of the slide. …

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A U T O M A T I C P I S T O L ” S T A R ” STAR, BONIFACIO ECHEVERRIA, S. A. EIBAR (SPAIN) MODELS CALIBERS SI .32 auto = 7,65 mm. S. 380 auto = 9 mm. short. A .38 auto = 9 mm. long B 9mm. Luger = Parab. P .45 auto = M .38 Auto = 9 mm. long
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LOADING AND FIRING OPERATION OF STAR PISTOLS MODELS SI – S – A – B – M & P TO LOAD THE MAGAZINE Hold the magazine (53) in the left hand and place a cartridge on the front end of the magazine follower (54) until it can be slid in under the lips of the magazine well. Place another cartridge on top of the first one and force down and slide in. Follow this procedure until the magazine contains whatever cartridges are to be used. Insert the magazine in the grip and push in until the magazine catch (28) engages in its slot in the magazine well. TO LOAD THE PISTOL Hold the pistol firmly in the right hand with the trigger finger outside the trigger guard and grasp the slide (65) firmly at its serrated section with the left hand and draw to the rear as far as it will go. (If the hammer (06) is cocked before the slide is withdrawn. the slide will come back much easier because it has less spring tension to overcome.) Release the slide. The recoil spring (83) pulls it forward. The front breechblock face of the slide strips the cartridge from between the magazine lips and chambers it. The extractor (66) set in the face of the breechblock, snaps into the extracting groove of the cartridge case. FIRING OPERATION Hold the weapon firmly. Pressure on the trigger (19) will free the hammer (06) from 2 the sear (14) to permit the hammer spring (09) pushing upward on the strut (which is
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attached to the hammer) to rock the hammer forward on its axis (11) to strike the firing pin (70) mounted in its slot in the slide. The firing pin will fly forward to strike and fire the cartridge in the chamber. When the powder in the cartridge case is ignited by the primer it generates a huge volume of gas. This gas expands in all directions, but as the least resistance is offered by the bullet directly ahead of it, it starts the bullet down the barrel (61), the gas pressure following along after it during its travel. Meanwhile, the outward thrust of the gases press the brass cartridge case firmly against the walls of the firing chamber, preventing gas from leaking back past the cartridge case. The backward thrust of the gases inside the cartridge case press the case back against the breechblock which, in these pistols, is part of the slide. The barrel and slide are locked together by the locking ribs on the top of the barrel which engage slots in the underside of the slide. They remain securely locked

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