Subaru Air Conditioning Systems

contained in the appropriate model year Subaru Service Manual. … model year Subaru Service Manuals and the. A/C manufacturer \’s instructions. Be sure to …

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Help – Help for Webmasters « back to results for “” Below is a cache of It’s a snapshot of the page taken as our search engine crawled the Web. We’ve highlighted the words: subaru manual manuals The web site itself may have changed. You can check the current page (without highlighting) or check for previous versions at the Internet Archive. Yahoo! is not affiliated with the authors of this page or responsible for its content. Subaru Air Conditioning Systems Air Conditio ver the years, Subaru air conditioning systems have taken many different shapes and sizes, from full manual, cable and vacuum-controlled systems likethose found on Loyale models, to the fully automatic electronically controlledsystems employed by the SVX and some Legacy models. Because of this greatdiversity in Subaru air conditioning systems, it would be impossible to tell youeverything there is to know about every single Subaru air conditioning system inthis edition of The End Wrench. What we will do instead is to give you a cross-section summary of recent Subaru air conditioning systems. We’ll show you what’s unique and differentabout each system, and describe the best troubleshooting and repair strategiesfor these systems. In compliance with government requirements, all Subaru vehicles manufactured within the past few years are equipped with R-134a air conditioning systems.But there are still a large percentage of Subaru vehicles on the road with R-12refrigerant in their A/C sytems. We’ll explain how to safely handle R-12 andR-134a refrigerants, and we’ll also explain your repair and retrofit optionswhen a Subaru equipped with an R-12 air conditioning system comes to yourshop for repairs. Subaru Air Conditioning Systems I n t r o d u c t i o n End W rench Th e O 4 oning Systems Air Flow System The purpose of the air flow system is to provide air to the heating, ventilation, defroster, and airconditioning systems. Control of the air flow is accomplished by four types of systems which are Subaru model specific:  Manual cable – Justy  Manual cable/vacuum -Loyale  Manual cable/electric – Legacy, Impreza, and XT  Automatic electric – SVX The mode selector controls the rout- ing of air to the defroster, heater core, air conditioning evaporator, and the outlet ducts. The temperature controllever adjusts the temperature of the air admitted to the passenger compart-ment and regulates the flow of air through the heater core via the air mixdoors. The fan switch controls the speed of the fan and thus the volume of air that flows through the evaporator and heater cores. Loyale vehicles have vent control levers which are not a part of the mode selector switch. These are manually adjusted by the driver and passenger toadmit or restrict the flow of outside air through side vent outlets. The Legacy and the Impreza have eight position mode panels while the Loyale and XT have six button panels. The additional VENT mode suppliesoutside air to the passenger compartment through the dash vents. The flowof vent air may be increased by using the fan, and heated by increasing thetemperature control setting. The DEF/HEAT mode switches the A/C com-pressor ON and supplies air flow to the defrost and floor outlets. The remainingmode switches operate similar to other Subaru A/C system controls. The air flow unit used on Legacy vehicles equipped with manual A/C systems is similar to the unit used on Automatic Climate Controlequipped vehicles. Loyale Vacuum System (Mode Control) Only Loyale vehicles use a manually actuated vacuum operated system to control the position of the mode and circulation shutter actuators. The vacuum system operates the air flow shutters in all Loyale vehicles. Check vacuum to the shutter actuators if the defroster, floor vents, or fresh air vents donot operate properly. The vacuum system also provides vacuum to the FICDdiaphragm based upon FICD solenoid signal, if so equipped. XT Mode Control System In XT vehicles, the electrical mode control system operates the various mode shutters and doors. Electric motors control the operation of the air flow shutters in the XT. The motors operate the shutter actuators through a gear drive and linkage assembly. If the flow of air through the defroster, floor vents, or other vents is insufficient,check operation of the shutter actuators and switches. A/C Cut System This system is installed on many 1987 and later model year automatic transaxle equipped Subaru vehicles. The purpose of the A/C cut system is to improveengine performance during full throttle acceleration. Refer to the chart to determine component application for the various models listed. Note: All sequential MFI equipped vehicles feature A/C cut systems. Components Fuel Model System Trans A/C A/C Cut K/D K/D CutUnit SW. Relay Relay ECM TPS Map XT / XT6 /  L MFI 4EAT  L MFI 3AT TBI Legacy SVX MFI ALLJusty Impreza Justy Carb ECVT  L / HB Carb 3AT  L Series Air Flow System Controls Vent Switches Legacy/Impreza Mode Panel Electrical System Operation A/C Cut System 5 Fast Idle Control Device (A/C Idle Air Control) On manual transaxle equipped Justy vehicles, the FICD is incorporated in the idle-up system. Proper adjustment and operation is outlined in Service Bulletins02-70-89 and 02-72-89. On ECVT equipped carbureted vehicles an air/fuel bypass control system performs the FICD function. The ECVT air bypass control system consists of an air bypass valve, an adjusting screw, and an air bypass solenoid. The system is designed to increase idle speed whenever the A/C relay is activated by supplyingadditional air/fuel into the intake manifold. Bypass air enters through the air horn on the secondary side.The airflow is regulated by an adjusting screw. When the bypass valve opens, bypass air/fuel enters the manifold below the secondary throttle plate. When the adjusting screw is turned clockwise, bypass air/fuel is reduced and the idle speed is lowered. When the adjusting screw is turned counter clockwise,bypass air/fuel is increased and the idle speed is increased. Note: Always refer to the appropriate Justy model year Subaru Service Manual sections 2-2 and 2-6 for the proper ECVT FICD adjustment procedures and specifications. TBI system equipped Loyale vehicles control the FICD function through the ECM, the idle air control valve (IAC), and the A/C switch. The air conditioningON/OFF switch is an input to the ECM. The ECM operates the idle air controlvalve (IAC) to adjust the idle speed to compensate for the increased compressorload. No adjustment is required. On all model year Loyale and XT MFI vehicles, an FICD solenoid incorporated in the throttle body provides the increase in idle speed. The throttle body includesan adjustment screw for adjusting the FICD specification. All Legacy, SVX and XT6 vehicles use an idle air control valve to provide the FICD function. The valve opens a port during A/C operation which admitsadditional air into the induction system. Impreza vehicles use a solenoid which initially compensates for the increased compressor load when the air conditioning system is switched ON. The A/C IACthen compensates to maintain engine speed at target RPM. Note: The Impreza FICD solenoid is set at the factory and should not require adjustment. Any changes to the adjustment can affect driveability and vehicle emissions during cold engine operation. Justy MFI vehicles increase idle speed by admitting additional air into the air collector assembly through the FICD solenoid which is opened by a signal fromthe MFI control unit. Th e 6 End W rench Subaru Air Conditioning Systems Bypass Adjusting Screw (ECVT) TBI (IAC) MFI/TBI FICD Operation A/C Idle Air Systems Impreza FICD Troubleshooting and Servicing Six Step Troubleshooting The following six step method of troubleshooting will save time and effort in the diagnosis and analysis of air conditioning problems.

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