The Boeing 737 Technical Guide

“The most practical and comprehensive guide to the Boeing. 737 available today.” Format Options … The Boeing 737 Technical Guide. Key to the books …

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The Boeing 737 Technical Guide The most practical and comprehensive guide to the Boeing 737 available today. Format Options The standard version is a softback, 8.5″ x 11″ book containing 362 pages in a choice of either full colour or black & white pages. By popular demand a smaller, lighter, 6″ x 9″ pocket version has been produced to fit easily into your flight case. Both the standard and pocket versions are coil-bound for ease of use. There is also a full colour hardback version for those who really appreciate their aircraft. All versions have identical content, far surpassing that found on the website, although the number of pages vary due to formatting differences. Containing: Detailed, plain English system explanations. Over 500 hi-res photos, of aircraft panels, components and points of interest Listings of all FMC, FCC & CDS software updates. System schematic diagrams. Electrical schematics and bus-bar listings. Summary of all 737 accidents to date. The Boeing 737 Technical Guide The 737 Technical Guide is available in a choice of 5 different formats This book takes you right from the original concept that lead Boeing to design the 737 through its 40 year evolution, in language that is easily understood. It looks at each system in turn, supported by over 500 high resolution photographs, diagrams and schematics, placing each system component in context. It collates information from many different sources and combines over 15 years of the authors own flying experiences to lead the reader through the 737 from radome to tail-cone. This book takes you beyond the flight deck on a grand tour of the worlds’ most prolific airliner in a way that is as relevant to the type rating candidate as it is to a company Fleet Technical Captain. To complete the picture, the book also contains Pilots notes, a detailed guide to airtesting and the accident history of the type, which serve to make this book the most practical and comprehensive technical guide to the 737 available today. So, after eight years work, the website and all the supporting information that went into its’ creation, is now available in print. If you have found the website useful but would like the bigger picture, go to to order your copy. Systems History & Developments To set the scene, the evolution of the 737 is described from its conception in 1958 right through to the proposed replacement, not due until at least 2015. In between, every series and version thereof (43 in total) including many unique one-offs are described with their significant differences. The bulk of the book is devoted to system descriptions. These are short, easy to understand, plain English explanations, covering all aspects of the aircraft inside and out. Schematics are used where necessary to i l l u s t r a t e c o m p l e x systems. The Boeing 737 Technical Guide Key to the books accessibility is its extensive use of photographs. Most of the panels, flight instruments and DU display options that have ever been fitted to the 737 are depicted in this book. The Boeing 737 Technical Guide Reviews Airtesting This chapter is quite unique in aircraft guides. The author uses his considerable experience in the field of airworthiness flight testing to write authoritatively about this little documented and fascinating subject. Again it is well illustrated and filled with lots of previously unpublished material. For t

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