The Woman’s Guide to Money Matters

The Woman’s Guide to Money Matters. If you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck … liquid securities, such as CDs or a money market. account or fund. …

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This guide is very usefull to help women everywhere take charge of their financial futures, we have created a comprehensive money management and investing guide, The Woman’s Guide to Money Matters. Use this guide to learn how to save more, create and follow a budget, plan for the future, and become more actively involved in your own finances. This guide will also help you prepare for life-altering events such as death or divorce. The topics are certainly not fun to think about, but they are important to plan for nonetheless. Spending a few hours outside of your comfort zone now may help better prepare you for such an event and may save you from additional struggle down the road. Financial fitness is, in fact, a lifestyle decision much like a healthy diet and exercise and you will need to set reasonable but disciplined expectations and follow through with appropriate action. Only then will you reap the benefits of a strong financial future. So let’s get started. 4 The Woman’s Guide to Money Matters Setting a Budget (and Sticking to It!) Before you start planning your financial future, you first need an understanding of your current situa-tion. That means being honest with yourself and doing the best you can to identify your weaknesses as well as your strengths. 

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