Volvo 850 1996-1998 RH Drive Model Power Steering Gear Service Instruction

VOLVO 850 1996-1998 RH DRIVE MODEL. POWER STEERING GEAR SERVICE INSTRUCTION. 1.1 INTRODUCTION … the system used in my 855T5 is built by TRW, with …

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VOLVO 850 1996-1998 RH DRIVE MODEL POWER STEERING GEAR SERVICE INSTRUCTION VOLVO 850 1996-1998 RH DRIVE MODEL POWER STEERING GEAR SERVICE INSTRUCTION 1.1 INTRODUCTION Power assisted rack & pinion steering system is standard equipment on all models covered within the production year above, including earlier and later production. Typically the system used in my 855T5 is built by TRW, with markings;  34-010-752-RH ISSUE on the right hand side of the rack housing and  34009946 RH on the left hand side. This numbers could be referring to the manufacturing serial number. Power assistance is delivered through in & out hoses that attached to a hydraulic pump that pumps hydraulic fluid (or ATF) driven by the drive belt from the crankshaft pulley. The pump is integrated with the reservoir located on the top-front, right hand side of the engine. This manual is LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG but no nonsense. So don’t feel irritated if you already know some part of the instructions. Hell ya, if you already know, you won’t be reading this. 1.2 PREPARATION The job requires certain basic DIY know-how and is not commonly done by a first timer. Be prepared for a lot of fluid spills, dirty hands (and body), frustration and to some extend, 1 hell of a day. If you can service your brake calipers, or flushing the ATF, you could do this job. 1.3 TOOLS Many special tools are used for the job, but you don’t have to spend a whole day searching around town. You may as well DIY the tools. Below is the list of tools I used. For removing steering gear from the car;  1 nice, wide, solid floor or with roof & air-condition if available.  2 or 3 ton jack stand x 2 units to support the car and 2 ton hydraulic jack x 1 unit to lift up the car & etc.  19mm socket & ratchet  to remove the 5 lugs for the wheels  3/4 (19mm) wrench  to remove the tie-rod end ball joint nut.  15mm socket & ratchet  to remove the 6 nuts from the steering gear to the engine sub frame.  14mm socket & ratchet  to loosen & remove sub frame rear mounting brackets  18mm socket & ratchet  to loosen & remove sub frame mounting bolts. For servicing the steering gear;  1 wide and shallow bucket to work on your steering gear without spilling fluid or messing the floor.  Locking pliers (or hand vice grip)  to remove the inner tie rod (ball end rod) from the rack.  Rubber mallet  to knock the pinion out of gear housing  2-pronged bar (similar to the grinding disc locking device for angle grinder)  C-clip remover pliers (flat & 45^)  Bearing remover  Long (800mm) stick with flat & angled head (like bended flat head screw driver)  #400, #800, #1200 sand paper (abrasive paper) & bench grinder with buffing disk.  New sets of packing & seals  obtainable new from Volvo at around USD150 or search for equivalent from hydraulics spare parts dealers. I got all at about USD40.  3.5mm pin remover & steel hammer (+ bench vice grip, if available)  Marking punch SEE LAST PAGE FOR PICTURE OF SOME OF THE TOOLS 2.1 REMOVING THE STEERING GEAR If you have the Haynes Repair Manual, just flip over to Chapter 10, page 10-14. It s all written there. But they forgot to mention something just damn important. I wasted 2 hours figuring it out. But if you have no manuals and the repair shop people doesn’t entertain you, let s go step by step. 1. Park the car with steering in straight-ahead position. Make sure the tires are also straight ahead because some cars have steering wheel off-aligned to the tires. Remove the ignition key and lock the steering that way. 2. For safety, detach the negative terminal of the battery, but I prefer removing the positive terminal, though. 3. Loosen the 5 lugs, jack up the car, secure with the jack stand on both sides and remove the tires. 4. Loosen the nut securing the tie-end rod to the hub. If you have ball joint separator, use it. Or if you don’t, place the hydraulic jack in contact with the ball joint end and raise it off slowly until it disengage from th

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