Writing secure Code:asP.neT (C)

Document Type. www.foundstone.com 1.877.91.FOUND Training@foundstone.com 2008 Foundstone,A Division of McAfee.All Rights Reserved. DuraTion. Four (4) Days …

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Writing secure Code:asP.neT (C#)
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Document Type www.foundstone.com 1.877.91.FOUND Training@foundstone.com © 2008 Foundstone,A Division of McAfee.All Rights Reserved DuraTion Four (4) Days • WhaT You’ll learn The process and techniques of • writing secure code Effective authentication and • authorization techniques The most frequent web • application vulnerabilities and how to avoid them Secure user management systems • Data validation strategies • Effective error handling and • exceptions management Web services security and • remoting Software security testing • techniques Course MaTerials Student manual • Class handouts • Foundstone t-shirt • Free Tools CD with course tools • and scripts suggesTeD nexT Course(s) Writing Secure Code – Java (J2EE) • Writing Secure Code – C/C++ • Understand the key security features of the .NET platform, the common web security pitfalls developers make and how to build secure and reliable web applications using ASP.NET. Students are lead through hands-on code examples that highlight issues and prescribe solutions.The class covers both the current version of the .NET frame- work (v2.0) as well as covers security relevant features in the .NET 3.0 and .NET 3.5 updates. Who Should Take This Class Software developers or software security auditors who have been working with the .NET framework for at least a year and have experience develop- ing ASP.NET web application using C#.A compre- hensive knowledge of the .NET framework, the C# language, and web technology is required. Exercises All topics are supported by hands-on exercises specifically designed to increase knowledge retention. Exercises are uniquely intertwined into the lecture material both by way of instructor-led demonstrations as well as hands-on labs.This is intended to keep the students engaged at all times. Classroom exercises provide the hands-on experience needed to write secure code. Course Outline Day 1

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