BMW 3- & 5-Series Service and Repair Manual

BMW 3- & 5-Series. Service and Repair Manual. A K Legg. LAE MIMI. and Larry Warren. Models covered … M40/B18. engine. Introduction to the BMW 3- and 5-Series …

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BMW 3- & 5-Series Service and Repair Manual
Engine and Associated Systems
In-car engine repair procedures
General engine overhaul procedures
Cooling, heating and air conditioning systems
Fuel and exhaust systems
Engine electrical systems
Engine management and emission control systems
Manual transmission
Automatic transmission
Clutch and driveline
Braking system
Suspension and steering systems
Body Equipment
Bodywork and fittings
Body electrical systems
Wiring Diagrams
MOT Test Checks
Checks carried out from the driver’s seat
Checks carried out with the vehicle on the ground
Checks carried out with the vehicle raised
Checks carried out on your vehicle’s exhaust emission system
Tools and Working Facilities
General Repair Procedures
Fault Finding
Conversion factors
Automotive chemicals and lubricants
Buying spare parts and vehicle identification numbers
Glossary of Technical Terms

Download BMW 3- & 5-Series Service and Repair Manual pdf from, 10 pages, 202KB.
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