BMW E90 Owner’s Manual

Owner’s Manual for Vehicle. Congratulations, and thank you for choosing a BMW. … Please take the time to read this Owner’s Manual and familiarize …

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Using this Owner’s Manual
Reporting safety defects
Opening and closing
Transporting children safely
Everything under control
Technology for driving comfort and safety
Practical interior accessories
Driving tips
Things to remember when driving
Wheels and tires
Under the hood
Replacing components
Giving and receiving assistance
Indicator and warning lamps

Download BMW E90 Owner's Manual pdf from, 164 pages, 4939.57KB.
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  2. Okay exceedingly I have had the auto as about three weeks At present. this wasn’t until a week at a later time when I was driving the car at night, I noticed The the headlights as for The vehicle and also including the interior lights were dimming slightly and finding brighter Once more (every two seconds the lights may dim, rather Next go back To normal) by The very same time, I also know a faint whining noise that seemed To Follow the same pattern as the lights (off and also on, never continuous). the following morning I drove The car, and even via The headlights off, the whining continued. I also checked if it was approaching from the AC, but which was never it. it didn’t routinely pop up each time turned the car by. this seemed likes this would happen with regards to ten minutes after I started driving it. as well, The headlights only flickered when The engine i has at. exceedingly I decided To gettings it To the dealership. They stated this i has The alternator, so they replaced it for $700. Four days passed after they anchored it and The vehicle was OK. this wasn’t until yesterday I seen the very same thing most over again. may person Tell me What is improper? (the automobile is on amazing problem otherwise via only 50thousand miles on this).

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