Citoren ZX Routine Maintenance and Servicing

1 The maintenance intervals in this manual are provided on the … throughout this manual, the engine will be. kept in relatively good running condition, and …

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Chapter 1 Routine maintenance and servicing
Air conditioning system refrigerant check 14
Air filter renewal 26
Automatic transmission fluid level check 10
Automatic transmission fluid renewal 29
Auxiliary drivebelt checking and renewal 21
Battery check 6
Brake fluid renewal 30
Clutch adjustment check and control mechanism lubrication 22
Coolant renewal 31
Driveshaft gaiter check 12
Electrical system check 5
Emission control systems check 20
Engine oil and filter renewal 8
Fluid level checks .: 3
Front brake pad condition check 13
Fuel filter renewal – carburettor models 17
Fuel filter renewal – fuel injection models 32
Hinge and lock lubrication 27

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