Murach’s Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Training & References

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Murach’s Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Training & References
An introduction to SQL

Chapter 1 An introduction to relational databases and SQL
Chapter 2 How to use Oracle SQL Developer and other tools
The essential SQL skills
Chapter 3 How to retrieve data from a single table
Chapter 4 How to retrieve data from two or more tables
Chapter 5 How to code summary queries
Chapter 6 How to code subqueries
Chapter 7 How to insert, update, and delete data
Chapter 8 How to work with data types and functions
Database design and implementation
Chapter 9 How to design a database
Chapter 10 How to create tables, indexes, and sequences
Chapter 11 How to create views
Chapter 12 How to manage database security
The essential PL/SQL skills
Chapter 13 How to write PL/SQL code
Chapter 14 How to manage transactions and locking
Chapter 15 How to create stored procedures and functions
Chapter 16 How to create triggers
Advanced data types
Chapter 17 How to work with timestamps and intervals
Chapter 18 How to work with large objects

Appendix A How to install the software and source code for this book
Appendix B How to install the Standard or Enterprise Edition of Oracle Database

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