Oil and the Modern Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

If an automotive owner’s manual calls for SJ or. SL oil, SM oil will provide full protection. … use it’s SYN3 in all three holes (two if you ride a Sportster) …

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Oil and the Harley Davidson Motorcycle
In order to help you understand some of the things that go into answering such questions I’ll start with oil basics. We’ll go over what oil is, what it is not, how it’s made and why and how oil in the stores is graded. It will do no good to tell you that you need grade “KY” oil if you have no idea how to find one. I’ll also answer some basic questions such as the differences between motorcycle and automotive oils, the differences between oils sold for transmissions and the engine, how often you should change your oil and other important discussions.

Download Oil and the Modern Harley-Davidson Motorcycle pdf from www.sportster.org, 30 pages, 184.71KB.