Walther CP88 Owner’s Manual

Please read this owner’s manual completely. This air. pistol is not a toy. … comprender el manual de instrucciones. Utilice este manual de instrucciones para …

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Walther CP88  Owner’s Manual
1 Components of your new pistol
2 Operating the safety
3 Insertion and removal of the CO2 cartridge
4 Loading and unloading
5 Aiming and firing safely
6 Adjusting the sight
7 Removing a jammed pellet
8 Use and handling of CO2 cartridges
9 Storage
10 Care and maintenance
11 Reviewing safety
12 Technical data
13 Warranty
14 Problems

Download Walther CP88 Owner's Manual pdf from www.umarexusa.com, 54 pages, 842.56KB.
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