AIRBUS A319/320/321 Flight Scenario Q and A

even if the Nose Landing Gear Electrical Box fails. … both pilots shall have the airport diagram/taxi chart in view and will crosscheck the …

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Airbus Sample Oral Study Guide
Operations Procedure – Accomplish each flight
1. Refer to SPAR (TL/GSP)
What does the term “Refer to SPAR (TL/GSP)” in the MEL mean? (PH 4.2)
An MEL/CDL item containing “Refer to SPAR” indicates that the item has a performance adjustment (weight, speed, runway length, altitude, etc.) or W&B adjustment (CG, ZFW, cargo, loading, etc.). The T refers to a Takeoff performance adjustment, while the L is a Landing performance adjustment. The GSP is one of many three letter codes identifying the adjustment the dispatcher uses to calculate information in the TPS, TOW, and W&B dat …

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