General Aviation Pilot’s Guide to Weather Planning

General Aviation Pilot’s Guide. to Preflight Weather Planning, Weather … This guide is intended to help general aviation (GA) pilots, especially those with …

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General Aviation Pilot’s Guide to Weather Planning
Preflight Weather Planning
Perceive – Understanding Weather Information
Process – Analyzing Weather Information
Perform – Making A Weather Plan
In-flight Weather Decision-Making
Perceive – In-flight Weather Information
Process – (Honestly) Evaluating In-flight Conditions
Perform – Putting It All Together
Post-Flight Weather Review
Appendix 1 – Weather Products & Providers Chart
Appendix 2 – Items for Standard Briefing
Appendix 3 – Automated Weather Systems (definitions)
Appendix 4 – Developing Personal Weather Minimums
Appendix 5 –Aviation Weather Analysis Worksheets
Appendix 6 –Weather Analysis Checklists (VFR)
Appendix 7 – Weather Analysis Checklists (IFR)
Appendix 8 – Estimating In-flight Visibility & Cloud Clearance

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