Sprint Power Vision Mogul by HTC User Guide

Mogul™ by HTC. Getting Started Guide. www.sprint.com © 2007 Sprint Nextel. All rights reserved. … account owner (if someone else pays for your Sprint service) …

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Synchronizing Information With Your Computer
Setting Up ActiveSync on Windows XP
Setting Up Windows Mobile Device Center on
Windows Vista
Synchronizing With Your Computer
Organizing Contacts, Appointments, Tasks, and
Setting Up Email Accounts
Using Email
Working With Company Email and Meeting
Synchronizing Your Device with the Exchange Server
Working With Company Email
Managing Meeting Requests
Finding Contacts in the Company Directory
Getting Connected
Comm Manager
Internet Explorer Mobile
Using Bluetooth
Using Wi-Fi
Experiencing Multimedia
Using the Built-in Camera
Using Pictures & Videos
10.3 Using Windows Media Player
Using Other Applications
Microsoft® Office Word Mobile
Microsoft® Office Excel® Mobile
Microsoft® Office PowerPoint Mobile
Adobe Reader LE
Windows Live™
Using Voice Speed Dial

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