The Basics of JavaScript’s

JavaScript Tutorial at This tutorial goes over JavaScript basics and provides an excellent overview for the beginner with easy to …

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The Basics of JavaScript’s
This is a simple and nice beginner tutorial of basic javascript.

  • What is JavaScript?
  • JavaScript IS NOT the same as JAVA!
  • Running JavaScript
  • Creating JavaScript in Dreamweaver
  • Embedding JavaScript using HTML

This ebook show us an example of Displaying automatic page update information like this

  1. Open a new browser (Netscape or Internet Explorer)
  3. In the notepad screen, type the following HTML code exactly as it appears:
    <TITLE>Displaying Update Info</TITLE>
    <BODY bgcolor=lightblue>
    <script language=”JavaScript”>
    <!–hide script from old browsers
    document.write(“<h2>This page has been updated: ” +
    document.lastModified + “</h2>”);
    // end hiding –>
    </script >
  4. Save file as sample.html onto the DESKTOP
  5. Go to your browser window menu, click on FILE>OPEN PAGE >BROWSE >SELECT>sample.html
  6. Your first JavaScript will appear on your screen – Congratulations!
Download The Basics of JavaScript's pdf from, 3 pages, 22.07KB.
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