1983 Mazda RX-7 Complete Maintenance Information

does not work, the profile, the sending unit or wiring can be … 1: Wiring Diagram Mazda GLC Hatchback. Fig. 2: Wiring Diagram Mazda GLC Wagon. Wipers Wiring diagram ….

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Main switch is used to turn system on and off. A control switch with “SET (ACCEL)” and “COAST (RESUME)” is used to set desired speed. System will not operate at speeds under 25 MPH. Main switch is located on the right side of dash. Control switch is on right side of steering column.

INSTRUMENT CLUSTER. Removal (GLC Hatchback) Disconnect battery ground. Remove steering wheel. Remove meter hood by moving it up and down with hands. Disconnect speedometer cable and remove 4 cluster screws. Pull cluster back and unplug wiring.

All models have a 2-speed wiper motor with intermittent wipe feature. GLC and RX7 models may be equipped with a rear window wiper/washer system. The wiper switch for GLC Wagon is a lever on the left side of the steering column. On all other models wiper lever is on the right side of column. A time delay relay is used to control the intermittent cycle on all except RX7 models. On RX7, wipers are timed by the “Control Processing Unit” that also operates a number of other accessories.

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