1993 Honda Prelude F – Basic Testing

See M – diagrams and I – SYS / COMP TESTS items in the … F – Basic Text Article Test (p. 6) PreludeFor Cadi Centre NSK 1993 Honda CA 95051 ….

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Pressure Testing

  1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Relieve fuel pressure. See RELIEVING FUEL PRESSURE. Connect Fuel Pressure Gauge (07406-0040001) at 6-mm bolt. Reconnect negative battery cable. Start engine, and note fuel pressure. If vehicle will not start, check for spark. If spark is present and no fuel pressure is evident, inspect fuel pump main relay.
  2. Remove connector from fuel pump main relay. See Fig. 1. Using a test light, check for power on Black/Yellow wire at fuel pump relay connector. If power is present, connect a jumper wire between Black/Yellow wire (B+) and Yellow wire (Yellow/Green wire on Civic & Civic Del Sol).


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