2001 Buick Park Avenue Owner Manual

Each of these is covered in this manual, and the Index will help you find them quickly… Get the vehicles close enough so that the jumper cables can reach, but be sure the vehicles aren\’t touching each other…. you are not in PARK (P), with the help of that person\’s manual or power locks. …

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To move the trailer to the right, move your Making Turns NOTICE: Making very sharp turns while trailering could vehicle. Your vehicle could be damaged. Avoid When you\’re turning with a trailer, make wider turns than normal. Do this so your trailer won\’t strike soft Avoid jerky or sudden maneuvers. Signal well Turn Signals When Towing a Trailer When you tow a trailer, your vehicle may need a different turn signal flasher and/or extra wiring…. When you plug a trailer lighting system into your vehicle\’s lighting Reduce speed and shift to a lower gear before down a long or steep downgrade. If you don\’t shift On a long uphill grade, shift down to THIRD (3) and reduce your speed to around 45 mph (70 km/h) to reduce the possibility of engine and transaxle overheating. Parking on Hills You really should not park your vehicle, with a wrong, your rig could start to move.
People can be injured, and both your vehicle and the trailer But if you ever have to park your rig on a hill, here\’s
1.Apply your regular brakes, but don\’t shift into PARK (P) yet.
2.Have someone place chocks under the trailer wheels.
3.When the wheel chocks are in place, release the
4.Reapply the regular brakes. Then apply your parking brake, and then shift to PARK (P).
5.Release the regular brakes. When You Are Ready to Leave After…

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