2010 Ford Ranger

wiring and relays for the trailer and makes fire trucks. Safety chains …. are prepared or manufactured by companies other than Ford. Motor Company. ….

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There are two basic types of brake systems designed to activate trailer brakes:

  1. Electronically Controlled Brakes usually provide automatic and manual control of trailer brakes. They require that the tow vehicle be equipped with a controlling device and additional wiring for electrical power. These brakes typically have a control box installed within reach of the driver and can be applied manually or automatically.
  2. Surge Brakes are independent hydraulic brakes activated by a master cylinder at the junction of the hitch and trailer tongue. They are not controlled by the hydraulic fluid in the tow vehicle’s brake system, and the tow vehicle’s hydraulic system should never be connected directly to the trailer’s hydraulic system.

Be sure your trailer brakes conform to all applicable state regulations. See Quick Tips – Safe Trailering on back cover for additional braking information. LER LAMPS Make sure the trailer is equipped with lights that conform to all applicable government regulations. The trailer lighting system should not be connected directly to the lighting system of the vehi

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